GOOD NEWS: Girl Saves Dad When His Heart Almost Stops

Grace Fredericksen and her dad, Jeff, were moving furniture in her room at their Alvin, Texas home when he suddenly collapsed. He woke back up and stumbled to the couch, where he kept passing out, Grace’smother, Kellysaid on Facebook.

Her dad was still confused and disoriented when he would come to, so the 10 year old knew it was serious and she needed to call for help. But that wasn’t easy. Grace used her little brother’s iPod Touch to Facetime her mom, who then called her dad’s phone so Grace could find it and use it to call 911.

When emergency officials arrived, Jeff’s heart rate was 24, but they got him to the hospital and after running tests doctors determined it was his blood pressure meds that caused his heart to slow down. Thankfully, his brave daughter was there to help save him.

"No one knows what could of possibly happened had Grace not acted as fast she did," Kelly says. "We are so proud of her -- she was able to stay calm and get the help needed."

Source: Fox News

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