GOOD NEWS: “Lunch Heroes” Donate $20K To District’s Lunch Fund

Students in the Francis Howell School District in St. Charles County, Missouri, won’t have to worry about lunch money thanks to some generous donors. A grandfather helped get the ball rolling and now others are jumping in to help keep kids fed at school, because it’s hard to learn on an empty stomach.

This is the first year for the district’s “Lunch Heroes” program, which started in the fall with a $1,000 donation to benefit all students. Since then, close to $20,000 has been given to the school district to cover school lunch debts and make sure no students go hungry.

“It was amazing that they would give a bunch of money to all the schools so kids could have a warm lunch and not worry about it,” says fifth grader Avery Thebeau. “When you’re not hungry, it’s easier to focus and have a better day.”

Source: KMOV

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