GOOD NEWS: Street Performers Play So Homeless Can Take Cash

When William Boyajian moved to New York City, he was bothered by all the homeless people on the streets, so he decided to try to help them by doing what he loves - performing. The 28-year-old took his guitar into the subway tunnels and started playing for tips - but the cash wasn’t for him.

Boyajian’s put out a sign reading: “If you’re homeless or need help, take as much as you need from the case (I just like to play).” He eventually started the charity Hopeful Cases, which recruits artists, musicians, and entertainers to perform to raise money for the homeless.

“The point of this project was to change the way we think about giving, the homeless and poverty,” says Boyajian. “As anyone who lives in NYC or any major city knows, your options are either to ignore it, notice till it eats you up, or do something. This is what I thought I could do.”

Source: Good News Network

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