GOOD NEWS: A Four-Year-Old Superhero Helps Feed Homeless

Birmingham, Alabama is lucky enough to have its very own superhero in four-year-old Austin Perine. When the tot learned that some people are homeless and hungry, he told his parents he wants all his allowance and any money they would spend on toys to be used to buy chicken sandwiches for those in need instead.

And now the preschooler spends one day a week feeding as many homeless people as he can, and he wears a superhero cape and prefers to be called “President Austin” while he’s doing it. His dad, TJ Perine explains, “That’s his idea of what a president is supposed to do.”

With each sandwich Austin gives out, he shares some advice: “Don’t forget to show love,” he tells them. And with some luck, maybe he really will be “President Austin” someday.

Learn more about Austin's mission to feed the homeless.

Source: CBS News

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