NY Yankees honor fallen officers

Each baseball club supports local causes and charities, but it seems the New York Yankees have been going above and beyond regular team generosity. The Yankees have been sending flowers to the families and colleagues of all the police officers that die in the line of duty, but not just in New York City or even the whole state, they do it for the entire country.

It started decades ago with the Yankees sending flowers to fallen New York Police Department officers, then three years ago the project got bigger. Sonny Hight, a former detective with the NYPD heard about an officer being killed in another state and was moved to send flowers to acknowledge it.

There’s no formal process or official database the Yankees use to keep track of all the fallen officers, but their goal goal is to deliver flowers to the funerals or station houses of every officer killed in action across the U.S. They admit it’s difficult to keep up, but the kind gesture is so meaningful, so they do it, sometimes as many as two a week.

Source: Yahoo

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