Tattoo artist misspells it...renames the baby!

When getting a tattoo, it's always a good idea to check the spelling of the stencil - otherwise, you may end up like Johanna Giselhäll Sandströmof Sweden. She went into her local tattoo shop in hopes of getting her kids’ names inked on her arm, but came out with something different.

Johanna says she told the tattoo artist she wanted her kids Nova and Kevin tattooed on her. “I gave the artist their names. The artist drew the design and didn’t ask anything about the spelling so I didn’t give it any more thought,” she explains. Well she probably should’ve because the artist ended up tatting Kelvin instead of Kevin. Johanna says she was heartbroken and when she returned to her artist, he laughed, handed her a refund...and a phone number to a tattoo removal clinic.

After realizing how difficult removal would be, Johanna and her husband decided instead of changing the tattoo, why not just change their son’s name? So they did. And considering Kevin/Kelvin was still a toddler, he wasn't affected by the shift. 

  • And get this - Johanna recently gave birth to daughter Freja and plans on adding her name to the arm, but this time will be different. She jokes, “I’m going to write it down on a piece of paper and check it over ten thousand times.”

Source: The Local SE

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