Jobs that attract Serial Killers!

Professions That Attract Serial Killers Most - If you want to avoid serial killers there are some careers you may want to stay away from.

Like all of us, even serial killers need a paycheck. So where exactly do they work? Criminologist Michael Arntfield knows and he’s sharing in his book “Murder in Plain English.”

Here are the careers that most attract serial killers:

Skilled occupations

  • Aircraft machinist/assembler
  • Shoemaker/repair person
  • Car upholsterer

Semi-skilled occupations

  • Forestry worker/arborist
  • Truck driver
  • Warehouse manager

Unskilled occupations

  • General laborer (such as a mover or landscaper)
  • Hotel porter
  • Gas station attendant

Professional and government occupations

  • Police/security official
  • Military personnel
  • Religious official

Source: New York Post

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