GOOD NEWS: Stranger Buys Ice Cream For 54 Kids On Field Trip

Every year second grade teacher Amber Ploutz treats the students who read over 100 books to an end-of-the-year field trip to an ice cream shop. This year they had more successful boys and girls than ever and 54 kids got to go to the Mrs. Curl ice cream parlor in Greenwood, Indiana.

As the students and chaperones were walking to get their scoops, they passed a group of construction workers who overheard that the kids were being rewarded for their reading. To congratulate the students for their hard work and Ploutz for her teaching skills, one of the workers paid for all the ice cream. But he didn’t want his name mentioned, he wanted the focus to stay on the students’ achievements.

Ploutz says she asked his name to thank him and he told her everyone calls him Bub. "So thank you, Bub," Ploutz writes in a Facebook about his generosity. "Today was a day these kiddos and I will never forget."

Source: CBS News

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