Too HOT vs Too COLD!

Too COLD!!!!  I have a jacket with me at all times!~Karla 

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will tell you that once summer hits the battles over the office temperature begin. There will always be people who think it’s too hot, while others are freezing because the air conditioner makes it feel like it’s below zero. Well, according a new CareerBuilder survey, all these temperature issues could be bad for business.

The survey finds that 46% of workers say their office is either too hot or too cold, with 51% saying that when it’s too cold it affects their productivity, while 67% say the same about it being too warm.

And being uncomfortable can lead to arguments in the office, with 15% of workers saying they’ve actually fought with co-workers about temperature, although only 7% of men have, as compared to 22% of women. What’s more, 19% admit they’ve secretly changed the office temps during the summer, 13% to make it colder and 6% to make it warmer. 

So, what do people do, besides argue, to combat the temperature issues in the office? Well, some have found ways to personally solve the issue, including:

  • Drink cool beverages: 42%
  • Dress in layers: 27%
  • Use a personal fan: 26%
  • Drink hot beverages: 20%
  • Wear a jacket all day: 19%
  • Use a space heater: 13%
  • Use a blanket: 6%

Source: Market Watch 

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