Teacher makes kids PB&J's before test

An amazing teacher at a Texas high school realized some of his students hadn’t eaten breakfast before a big exam they were about to take, so he made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone. A student who was thrilled to get one of the pre-test PB&Js tweeted praise for her teacher, writing, “Shoutout to Mr. Johnston for making PB&Js for his kiddos who didn’t eat breakfast before our AP test this morning.”

Mr. Johnstone clearly knows that it’s hard to think when your tummy is rumbling, so he fed those students so they could focus and do well on their tests. Is the best teacher ever? The Internet seems to think so. The tweet with photos showing him making sammies with JIF natural peanut butter on whole wheat, multigrain, or honey oat bread went viral and make us wish we could all have a teacher like Mr. Johnstone.

Source: Delish