GOOD NEWS: Officer Surprises Grad He Helped Deliver 18 Years Before

When Thomas Robert Duboyce was born 18 years ago, a police officer helped deliver him on the side of the highway in Maryland. Montgomery County Officer Robert Hunt helped bring the kid into the world and he recently surprised him by coming to see him graduate from Oakdale High School.

Hunt, a 24-year veteran officer, says the day he helped deliver Duboyce, way back on November 13, 1999, was “probably the best thing that has ever happened to me in my career.” And because of that, he wanted to come watch the young man graduate and be there for the special occasion.

Mom Melissa Duboyce says Officer Hunt did a great job delivering her son and she even gave him the middle name Robert as a tribute to the officer. She says they’ve kept in touch over the years through Christmas cards and having Officer Hunt come to graduation was a really nice surprise.

Source: Fox News

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