GOOD NEWS: Homeless Youth goes to Harvard

Richard Jenkins loved school. As a young boy and throughout his youth, he constantly raised his hand in class. That’s how Jenkins got the nickname “Harvard.” Kids taunted him for being “too” smart.

When he was in the 6th grade, the bright boy’s family lost their home in Philly to foreclosure. The next two years were spent going between homeless shelters and hotels in Tennessee and Florida. That’s when Jenkins realized his way out was a good education. Despite having horrible migraines frequently, the passionate kid earned terrific grades.

More hardship, including his dad having a heart attack and him being hospitalized didn’t stop the fight to achieve. In the 11th grade, Richard attended a boarding school for at risk youth and started to shine academically. Then it was time to fill out applications for college. He chose Ivy League schools and got on the waiting list at Penn and denied by Yale. Thinking it would be the same for Harvard, he didn’t expect the acceptance letter that came in email!

Not only did Richard get accepted to be in the Class of 2022, but he also received a full scholarship. A GoFundMe was started to help with incidentals like a tablet and clothes. In days it went well above the original 40-thousand dollar goal. 

Looks like the determined young man proudly earned that “Harvard” nickname!

Source: Good News Network

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