GOOD NEWS: Denver Has Its First Free Clothing Store

There’s a new store in Denver that looks like a lot of other retail storefronts in the city, but things are a little different inside Impact Humanity. This store is the first in Denver to offer free clothing and accessories, hygiene products, first-aid kits as well as job consultations for people in need. It’s one of nine programs under Impact Locally, which Travis Smith started to give back to the community in May 2010.

Smith started collecting coats, hats, and other clothing to help the homeless survive Colorado’s harsh winter weather and eventually got the idea to provide those in need with an actual shopping experience.

“We first began this by throwing donations into garbage bags and throwing them into the back of my truck and handing them out,” says Smith. “However, our mission and our goal are to restore humanity. Shopping out of a garbage bag doesn’t make anyone feel human.”

Source: 303 Magazine

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