GOOD NEWS: Officers Help Mom Who Called Police To Take Her Kids

Times have been tough for Tina Bebout and her family this year. They lost their home to Hurricane Harvey and then got FEMA money for a hotel, but that money stopped Friday and the mother of four wasn’t sure where they were going to go next. So in an act of desperation, she called the police and asked them to take her children.

Tina and her husband, John, didn’t want to lose their kids, but they didn’t know what else to do. She says the situation was heartbreaking, but minutes after calling for help, two Galveston police officers showed up and instead of taking her kids, they brought food, drinks, and stuffed animals for the kiddos.

The officers also paid $250 to put the family in a new hotel and have helped the family of six find a shelter where they can stay for the next three months. "I felt like I just had two angels that were sent to me to help my kids," Bebout says. "These two men kept a family together, and they didn't have to do what they did, but they did.”

SourceABC 13

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