GOOD NEWS: KS Man Wins $1M

After a clerk at the Pit Stop convenience store in Salina, Kansas realized a customer who came in to check his lottery tickets accidentally left one behind unchecked, and it turned out to be a $1-million winner, store owners tracked down the ticket’s owner and returned it. Kal Patel’s parents own the store and he knew it belonged to a regular customer, so he drove around until he found him.

"I knew it was a longtime customer who had left it here," Patel explains. "They didn't know they had the winning ticket, so they never would have known if I hadn't found them. But then you'd have to live through the guilt of that all your life."

Patel returned the ticket to it’s rightful owner and they were shocked. For his good deed, Patel won a $1,200 “Helping Hands” reward and he says he believes in karma and that this will bring him good karma later in his life.

Source: UPI

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