GOOD NEWS: Woman Saves Drowning Boy And His Pregnant Mother


As Jennifer Potter was driving a golf cart across the apartment complex property where she’s an assistant manager, she heard a young boy calling for help from the pool. She ran to the pool and then saw the three-year-old’s mom was in the water with him, also in distress, holding him up while her face was submerged.

Potter grabbed the toddler, then his mother, who’s also pregnant, and got them both out safely. The mom and little boy are expected to be fine after the ordeal and so is the woman’s unborn baby.

“I’d do it all over in a heartbeat, no question….I’m just glad I was here really,” Potter says. “That’s all I think about because it could have been much worse…I’m glad it was a happy ending and we’re all here today.”

Source: Good News Network

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