Exercise is the key to happiness!!

Look for Houston and I to kick off our 1,000 Squat Challenge on Facebook and join with us!!  We'll all be happier:) 

Exercise Can Make You Happier And Richer - Move over money, it looks like exercise is a key to happiness.

A new study has uncovered that your physical activity level can dictate how much money you make, how happy you are, and maybe even how much sex you have. OnePoll asked two thousand people who work out regularly and the same amount who don’t about their lives and here are the results:

Those who say they exercise regularly make $74,000 on average, and those who say they never exercise make only $49,000 in comparison. Huge difference!

As far as the money, people who have high intensity workouts make the most money in the group. So, if you like a low impact workout, adding some high impact could net you $13,000 more a year.

Let’s talk bedroom. 34-percent of the group who exercises have sex a few times a week. Only 15-percent of the little to no-exercise group could say the same.

All-in-all, exercise gives you the drive to get stuff done in life. So let’s hit the gym.Source: New York Post

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