5 Foot Snake in the Toilet?!?

Large Snake Emerges From Toilet As Boy Cleans Bathroom - Snaking the toilet means something completely different for a Texas family.

A Texas-sized snake is back in the wild after slithering its way into a toilet. While Wade Vielock and his 6-year-old son were cleaning the bathroom in Bee County the five-foot reptile slithered out of the toilet.

Wade shared the moment on Facebook over the weekend says it was a blue indigo snake about five feet long. Deputy Lindsay Scottenmanaged to get it out without any injury and the non-poisonous animal was turned loose. No humans were injured either just scared to death!

See the photos here.

Bonus fun fact: Non-poisonous snakes like the Indigo and Black snacks actually eat poisonous snakes. Source: UPI


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