GOOD NEWS: Missing Toddler Found With Loyal Dog By Her Side

Little three-year-old Remy Elliott wandered away from her home in Qulin, Missouri, Thursday night, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. They started a search for her that night, but didn’t find her. Volunteers joined the search Friday morning and that’s when the tot was found, with her Yorkshire terrier by her side.

As search dogs began barking in a cornfield, the dog’s tiny voice yipping helped locate Remy. Thankfully, she was unharmed after her night out, except for a few mosquito bites.

"This is what #Community looks like. Law enforcement, 1st Responders and community volunteers coming together to find a missing child.,” The Missouri State Highway Patrol tweeted. “Her dog stayed by her side all night. #StrongerTogether.”

Source: Fox News

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