Husband wants divorce over SALTED Popcorn?

A couple in Milwaukee may be headed for splitsville after the wife salted their popcorn at the movies against the husband’s wishes. Cops were called to the Marcus Majestic Cinema to mediate a dispute between the couple. Story goes, the wife waited in line before their movie to get popcorn. The husband had asked her not to salt he popcorn before he walked away, but the wife felt that since she bought the popcorn, she could salt it.

Well, when her hubby learned that, he accused her of being unfaithful and told police that their marriage was over. He then opted out of the movie and waited outside for the wife. When she got out of the movie, she noticed how angry her husband was and refused to let him drive. She says he drives too fast when he gets angry. He didn’t want to ride in the car while she drove, so the wife called police to ensure he would get home. However, she assured police that he’s never harmed her before.

Cops told her that she couldn’t force her husband to ride with her since he’s an adult capable of making his own decisions. The wife never gave police her husband’s info, but before leaving gave him one last chance to get in the car. It’s unclear how long the couple has been married and if this has happened before.

Source: Journal Sentinel

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