Neighbors find out they're SISTERS!

Hillary Harris knew she was adopted when she was a baby and she had always been curious about her birth family, so she asked her adoption agency for information about them. They sent her info, including an obituary for her father, Wayne Clouse and the names of two half sisters who had the same dad. She was able to track down two half brothers on her mom’s side through Facebook, but couldn’t find the sisters.

The Wisconsin woman searched for “Dawn Johnson” in Greenwood, hoping to find her half sister, but kept hitting dead ends. Then Hillary started wondering about her new neighbor, who’s name is Dawn, and when she found out Dawn’s last name is Johnson, she asked about her father’s name and learned her next door neighbor is her half sister.

These women share a driveway at their Eau Claire homes and had no idea they were related. In the time since they found out, they’ve gotten really close, sharing meals and celebrating holidays together. Their story is incredible and Hillary has finally found the family she always wanted to know about. “I can feel the love,” she says.

Source: WISN

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