GOOD NEWS: Brave Three-Year-Old Saves Mom

While Jessa Lavely and her three-year-old daughter Savannah were on a walk a few blocks from their Sterling Heights, Michigan home, she started to feel bad. The mom says she has a history of seizures and she felt off then passed out and the next thing she remembers is waking up surrounded by EMS and police.

It turns out, little Savannah took action into her own hands when her mom had a seizure, running back to her house to get help. The tot had to cross streets alone and find her house, but when she did, she banged on the door and told her grandparents that her Mommy needed help. They called for help and Jessa’s doing fine now, but she’s super impressed with her daughter’s behavior.

“It gave me a lot of anxiety thinking about all the bad things that could have happened but then I was just super proud of her,” Jessa says. “I just couldn’t believe that she would know to run home and which house was ours because she’s three.”

Source: WXYZ

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