GOOD NEWS: Cops Help Kid After Lemonade Stand Robbery

When the weather turned hot in Minnesota, nine-year-old Gracen took advantage of it and opened up his lemonade stand for business. The Brooklyn Park boy had a pretty good day of sales and earned about $20, but a couple of junior high kids rode by on bikes and stole it, according to Gracen’s dad, Mark.

Gracen asked his dad if he could call the police about the crime and his dad allowed it. So when Mark arrived home, he found two Brooklyn Park Police officers supporting his son’s lemonade stand. They were good customers, too - one officer paid Gracen $20 to replace what was taken - and by the end of the day, the kid had $50 because of the officers!

Those officers from the Brooklyn Park Police Department went above and beyond to restore Gracen’s faith in people and give him a little cash in his pocket, too. Gracen’s parents say they’re so thankful for the officers’ support, with his dad Mark adding, “It was so precious that something so little could mean so much.”

Source: Fox News

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