GOOD NEWS: Delivery Driver Helps Make Kid’s Dream Come True

All six-year-old Brandon wanted to do was build a box fort. The Rankin County, Mississippi boy was eagerly awaiting the delivery of his family’s new refrigerator, knowing it would come in a huge box, perfect for fort building. But after a two-week wait, the kid was disappointed when the new fridge was delivered without a box.

“The kind delivery man from Lowe’s felt so bad, he went out of his way to go back and get him a box,” Brandon’s mom, Wendy Bailey explains that the Lowe’s driver felt so bad he went out of his way to go back and get her son a box telling her, “‘Every little boy needs an awesome box fort.” So the driver brought Brandon the box he’s been dreaming about. Bailey posted a photo of her son with the Lowe’s driver, Alejandro Porter and thanked him for making her son’s dream come true.

“I honestly can’t say enough about how kind the man was to go out of his way for a Six-year-old,” Bailey writes in her Facebook post. “And in turn, it was a moment to talk to my son about the fruits of the spirit and how a simple, small act of kindness can make someone else so very happy.”

Source: WAPT

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