GOOD NEWS: She Thought She Won $500, Then Realizes She Won $1M

For one Michigan lottery player, it took three tries before she realized just how much she’s won. The 60-year-old St. Clair County woman thought she’d won $500 on a Super Bonus Cashword instant game, which is set up like a crossword puzzle. She took her ticket in thinking she’d scratched off seven words, totalling $500, but the clerk said it couldn’t be cashed.

So she went home and checked the ticked out again, finding two more words she’d missed, boosting her prize to $5,000. Then the next day, she looked at it again and found another word she’d missed, bringing her total to 10 words - the game’s top prize, which is worth a million bucks."I thought: 'This can’t be real!',” the winning woman says. “So, I called the Lottery and when the woman on the phone confirmed I’d won $1 million, I started shaking so much I dropped the phone."

Source: USA Today