Toddler's Dog is a Hero!

When Myhia Perez woke up to find her two-year-old son missing from the bedroom and the front door unlocked, she panicked. The boy, Princeton Peake, was nowhere to be found, so his father, Dominicsearched the property surrounded by cornfields, woods, and swamps, fearing the worst.

But Princeton wasn’t alone, the toddler had the family’s pit-boxer mix, Apollo, by his side. Sheriff Daniel Abbott says the dog may have saved Princeton’s life by being so loyal. Police followed Apollo’s tracks to find the toddler in a muddy, wooded area nearly a mile down the road from his home. His diaper was missing and he was covered in scratches and bug bites, but he was safe.

"Without those dog tracks, without being able to track him for a half a mile in a muddy field, we wouldn't have had a good direction of travel of where that boy went," Abbott explains. The sheriff brought Apollo dog treats and food to reward him for his heroic actions. And the house has two new shiny locks on the front door so Princeton the escape artist won’t get out again.

Source: Click on Detroit

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