GOOD NEWS: Hundreds Of Acres Of Redwoods Being Turned Into Park

The Harold Richardson Redwood Preserve, a 730-acre area of private land, is being turned into a national park, after being a well-kept secret for nearly a century. The land is home to the oldest and tallest redwood trees in the area and was recently purchased by the Save The Redwoods League for $18.1-million.

The land was owned by 96-year-old Harold Richardson, who spent his life watching over the Sonoma County, California land. When he died in 2016, he left the land to his heirs, who contacted Save the Redwoods about permanently protecting the property. The preserve has more than 1,450 ancient redwood trees, some as high as a 32-story building and some of the trees are over 1,000 years old.

“It’s as if we’ve discovered an ancient civilization; an oasis of towering redwoods hidden from public view for over a century,” says Sam Hodder, League President and CEO. “The League envisions stewarding this property as a public park in the future for all to enjoy — the first new old-growth redwood park in a generation.”

Source: Good News Network

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