Dirty Underwear sold as car security device!

Nick Fisher is a jokester by trade. His latest offering is “The Best Husband And Wife Joke Book.” His best offering? Something he never dreamed would be taken seriously.

Nick happened to see dirty underwear in his laundry and came up with the idea to sell “dirty” underwear on Ebay as a car security system. He pitches them as “THE BEST STEERING LOCK EVER - GUARANTEED TO PUT ANY CAR THIEF OFF NICKING YOUR CAR!”

The Brit was shocked when someone ordered a pair and he obliged. After all, he says “The customer is always right. I’ll still send them out. Why disappoint the customer, even if they are a bit warped?”

Here’s a little secret; that isn’t what you think it is staining the undies. It’s actually Marmite, a product of the beer brewing process. It’s brown and sticky.

Bonus for Nick, an apparent pal of Prince Harry bought his marital joke book as a gift for the newly married royal.

Source: Fox News

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