GOOD NEWS: Boys Survive Shooting, “Adopt” Officer Who Responded

Officer Caleb Costner responded to a call at a Charlotte, North Carolina apartment complex back in December that literally changed his life. A pair of brothers, nine-year-old Darryl and 11-year-old Jeremiah were shot through a window while they were asleep in their beds. The boys are fine now and they’ve developed a close relationship with Officer Costner.

The kind cop came back to check on the boys a few weeks after the shooting and asked their mom if they needed anything. At first, he brought them sodas and chips when he came to visit, then he took them shopping with NBA player Michael Kidd Gilchrist. And recently, he brought a whole truck load of donated furniture to fill their home.

Officer Costner has become so close to the boys in the seven months they’ve known each other, their mom, Tamaker Thompson says they wanted to find a different name for him because he’s not just an officer to them anymore. She says her sons call him their stepdad, and when she explained that he wasn’t their step dad, they explained how they see it. “He’s our step dad because he’s our hero and shows us love and support,” they say. And who could argue with that?

Source: WBTV

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