GOOD NEWS: Deaf Puppy Rescued After 30-Hours In 50-Foot Hole

Toffee, a seven-week-old puppy fell into a 50-foot-deep crevice behind a home in Huntsville, Alabama and was stuck there for about 30 hours before being rescued. The adorable pup, who happens to be deaf, fell into the space that’s only inches wide, so it’s way too small for a person to get in.

The rescue effort was a huge undertaking. Firefighters, cave rescue crews and plumbers all worked together to retrieve Toffee. They lowered nets, snares, and food to try to get her out. Huntsville TV stations evenlive-streamed the recovery efforts. Finally, Toffee was freed and the crowds cheered.

“This is a miracle,” Karen Smith, the puppy’s foster mother, told reporters at the scene.

Source: Fox News

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