GOOD NEWS: People Step Up When Neighbor Calls Cops On Kid For Mowing

People Step Up When Neighbor Calls Cops On Kid For Mowing Wrong Yard

All Reggie Fields wanted to do was earn some extra cash for candy, sothe 12-year-old started his own business, Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service, in the Cleveland suburb of Maple Heights. So far, business has been good - so much that the young entrepreneur hired his cousins and siblings to work with him! So imagine their surprise when police showed up.

Apparently, when Reggie was working on Lucille Holt’s yard, her neighbors called the cops because the kids accidentally mowed a little bit of their grass. The kids had no idea they’d strayed into the neighbor’s yard and Holt posted a live video of what was happening on Facebook, where it got over half a million views.

But there's totally a happy ending. Reggie’s mom says he’s picked up about 20 new clients in the last few days. And now that the future seventh grader sees how much money he can make, he’s planning to diversify and get rakes to pick up leaves in the fall and snow shovels for winter.

  • "The City of Maple Heights is extremely proud of these young entrepreneurs!" Mayor Annette M. Blackwell says in a statement, calling the episode "a very heartwarming story and testament to the great children and generous people that live here."

Source: CNN

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