GOOD NEWS: Woman Left At Four Yrs Old Reunited With Family 40 Yrs Later

Mika Cheesman has spent years searching for her birth family after getting lost at Penn Station in New York City when she was four and never seeing her mom again. She had no idea what happened to her mother after that day in 1975, but she was placed in an orphanage and then adopted, and as an adult, she has been on the quest to find out answers.

Private investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has worked for years with Mika trying to solve her case and reunite her with her family. Finally, after a DNA test and a lot of research, she learned Mika’s real name is Lynette Wright Smith and that both of her birth parents were still living, and that she has a sister, too.

Carty helped Mika meet her sister, Vivian, as well as an aunt and uncle. She spoke to her ailing father, who had searched for Mika and was told by her mother that she had died, leaving him heartbroken. “But now that I know you’re alive...I’m so happy,” he told her. Now that she knows who her family is, she can work on getting to know her family and she’s even going by a new name: Mikalin, as a tribute to her birth name Lynette.

Source: Tampa

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