You can stop you Ex from popping up on Facebook!

Finding your way in the world of social media after a break up is tricky. You could be ruthless and unfriend your ex so you don’t have to see their happy photos pop up on your screen, but it’s a bold move. And you could unfollow them, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll disappear because if they’re tagged in your friend’s pics they’ll still show up in your feed.

But Facebook feels our pain and has come up with what’s basically the social media equivalent of crossing the street to avoid seeing a former flame. It’s called Keyword Snooze and it lets you take a break from seeing posts about a certain topic in your News Feed.

The new feature allows you to snooze specific keywords and removes all posts from people, Pages and Groups that contain that word or phrase. And beyond helping you avoid the activity of your ex, it could also help you steer clear of spoilers of a TV show, sports event, or even politics, which would be wonderful sometimes. When you “snooze” a keyword, you won’t see it in posts for 30 days, and you can always do it again if you’re not ready to see you ex in your News Feed again after 30 days.

Source: Whimn

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