GOOD NEWS: Trio Of Young Men Save Blind Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks

Julie Caniglia was standing in the Broadview subway station in Toronto, Canada when she heard a sound she says gave her “the fright of her life.” She heard someone calling out for help and suddenly figured out where the voice was coming from: a man with a walking cane lying on the tracks below.

The man was blind and had fallen on the rails, but immediately three bystanders jumped into action to save him. Kyle Busquine and two other unnamed young men leapt onto the tracks and hoisted the man back to safety. The other two men haven’t come forward, but Busquine says he wouldn’t have been able to rescue the endangered commuter without their help.

“It was probably all within less than a minute but it seemed like hours,” Caniglia says. “Knowing that the worst thing possible could happen and it was out of everyone’s control was really just the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.”

Thankfully, the man only sustained minor injuries and paramedics took him to the hospital for treatment.

Source: Good News Network

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