GOOD NEWS: Volunteer Firefighter Saves Neighbor Girl Who Almost Drowned

When 2nd Battalion Chief Robert Bruce’s wife answered the door at their Elmwood Park, New Jersey home Sunday night, their neighbor told her a girl was drowning in a backyard pool. The volunteer firefighter ran next door and saw the four-year-old on the ground, so he got to work saving her life.

Bruce says he rolled her to her side so she could evacuate all the water in her lungs, which she did and then he cleared her airway. The police arrived, he gave her some oxygen and she’s going to be fine. Now Bruce is set to receive an award for his heroic actions from the mayor later this month.

"I just do what I'm trained to do," Bruce says. "I do what I love to do. I love to help my community. I was just doing what I pledged to the town I would do."

Source: North

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