GOOD NEWS: Farmers Stay Silent During Auction So Man Can Win Back Farm

Generations before “David” was born, 80 acres of his family’s farm was willed to a distant relative. David made it his passion to make the farm whole again someday. He got his chance back in 2011 and the story is now being shared.

He and his family came up with the money they would need to bid on the tract of land in an upcoming auction. When they got to the auction house, over 200 farmers were there. They didn’t think they had a chance. Then something amazing happened.

David bid first and when it came time for a second, not one person in the room bid. The auctioneer tried repeatedly to get another bid, then took a break. He came back and tried again, but no one else would bid, which gave the farm to David.

David said the show of respect for his family was moving and noted “There it is, there’s another example of what’s right with our world; community.”

Source: Good News Network

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