GOOD NEWS: Man Finds Wife’s Rings In Ashes Burned Home And Proposes Again

Ishu and Laura Rao got married eight months ago and lived in a beautiful home…until a wildfire swept through Santa Barbara County on Friday. It reduced their home and, they thought, everything they owned to ashes. As they were sifting through the ashes on Sunday something amazing happened.

Ishu found Laura’s wedding and engagement rings! She had taken them off before bed and that’s when the fire approached. They had jsut enough time to get his two daughters , three dogs and a cat out of the house. Finding the rings was so emotional that Ishu got down on a knee and asked Laura to marry him all over again.

Laura says the moment was just what they needed. "It put everything into perspective. It took all the pain away and reminded me of what matters in life: the people around you." And she said “yes.”

Source: CBS News

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