GOOD NEWS: Teen With Autism Gets Perfect Score On Standardized Math Test

It’s exciting when any child comes home to tell there parents they got a perfect score on a test, but for Cade Elias, who has autism, it was beyond his family’s wildest dreams. The boy was diagnosed with autism at age two and didn’t speak sentences until he was four.

It tough for the seventh grader to get through tests sometimes, the amount of focus is sometimes hard for an autistic child. When his mom, Renee, got his state standardized STAAR test scores, she couldn’t believe that Cade got every math question correct. Only 235 of the nearly 47-hundred students in his school accomplished that!

How does Cade feel? Amused and proud. “She looked at the actual percentage and she almost fell out of her chair,” Cade said of his mom , adding that most of the math portion was “easy.”

Source: WFAA

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