GOOD NEWS: Mississippi Couple Hosts Strangers Nuptials After A Rainout

Getting married on the beach can be tricky, you have to hope the weather is perfect. Dulce and Ariel Gonzalez were set to tie the knot in an outdoor ceremony and they thought a little rain would be good luck. What they didn’t expect was a torrential downpour.

The guests and wedding party stayed in their cars hoping the storm would pass. Luckily, Shannon Strunk and his wife Cynthia live across the street and invited the folks in. Cynthia went to Ariel and Dulce’s car to extend the invite saying, “Y’all are more than welcome to come to our house. I’ll have everything ready in 10 minutes.”

Another neighbor escorted the wedding guests into the house with umbrellas. There’s another twist. Dulce is originally from the Dominican Republic, while Ariel is from Puerto Rico, so several of their guests spoke very little English. They managed to break the language barrier. With the divide in the country, it’s nice to see kindness towards strangers exist.

Source: Fox News

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