Good News: Little girl helps puppies for her bday

A little girl’s birthday wish ended up answering those of a local animal shelter. Adisynn Kiker made sure family and friends knew she didn’t want anything for her birthday. Instead, she requested food and supplies for an animal shelter.

How can you say no to an 8-year-old? The wish was posted of Facebook and then shared. Dozens of businesses and people gave to the tune of 12-thousand pounds of dog and cat food.

The Human Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Tool, Texas is now one happy place. The shelter thanked Adisynn online and listed all that was donated. It’s pretty impressive.

580 pounds of cat litter.• 11,591 pounds of dog food.• 152 pounds of cat food.• 28 cans of cat food.• 43 gallons of bleach.• 7 containers of laundry soap.• 7 containers of Simple Green.• 60 rolls of paper towels.

The girl got her wish and then some.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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