GOOD NEWS: Former Students Reunite To Surprise Music Teacher

Retired high school music teacher Robert Moore sometimes reminisces over the list of the 900 former students he taught during his 30 years directing one of the top high school choral groups - the Ponca City Choral of Ponca City, Oklahoma. And his former students thought of him, too, so a small group of them spent a year organizing a surprise reunion for him.

Close to 300 of his former students returned from across the U.S. and three foreign countries to tell him the huge impact he had on their lives. Many went into education, lots more pursued music, including John Atkins. "I had a 25 year career singing with the LA Opera and all around the country and it wouldn't have happened without you," he told Moore.

Along with sharing their stories with their teacher, the former students rented a theater and put on a show for their mentor, entertaining him with their harmonic voices once again.

Source: CBS News

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