GOOD NEWS: Tot Saves Dad’s Life Using Facetime

Trevor McCabe was at home with his three-year-old daughter Molly on the fourth of July when he had a stroke. Luckily, the tech-savvy tot knew how to use FaceTime after watching her mom use it to call her grandparents every other day, so she called her mom at work for help.

Molly’s mom, Devon, says her brave little girl told her that daddy got sick and showed her where he was lying on the ground, so she called 911 and emergency crews arrived to rush Trevor to the hospital. Devon says doctors tell her that the type of stroke her husband suffered results in death for over 85% of patients, but because Molly helped get her dad help so quickly, he’s alive and doctors are “really optimistic” he’ll make a full recovery.

“There’s no doubt that she saved her father’s life,” Devon says about her little hero. “She was working really hard to get a hold of me.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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