GOOD NEWS: Cops Buy New Shoes For Boy With Bloody Socks

The Tukwila Police Department in Washington shared a sweet story on their Facebook page about a pair of officers they call “Sergeant Modest and Officer Bashful” to “protect their bashfulness.” They were on foot patrol at a park and met a little boy running around without shoes, wearing torn, dirty socks and bleeding from a cut on the bottom of his foot.

After cleaning up the cut with their first aid kit, they asked their new buddy where his shoes were and he told them he didn’t have any because the pair he had were too small. So the sergeant went out and got the boy a new pair while the officer kept him and his friends company.

When the sergeant returned, he not only had new kicks for the kid, he had a bunch of popsicles for the children. They got the little fella’s shoes tied for him and all enjoyed a popsicle on a hot summer day before they parted ways.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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