GOOD NEWS: Mom Donates Kidney To Girl She Met At Vacation Bible School

Kari Woods, a mom of five, was at vacation Bible school at her church praying for an eight-year-old girl named Abby Seinard, who badly needed a new kidney. The little girl suffered through more than nine hours of dialysis every day and had a rare blood type, O negative.

Woods says God told her to give her kidney to the child and when she learned they shared that same blood type, she knew she wanted to do it. Even though she hardly knew the girl, she felt certain about donating her kidney. The transplant was successful and Abby is now nine and in very good health.

The little girl can now run, jump, and play outside without getting winded or feeling exhausted and she’s delighted to have her new kidney. Woods says she feels great, too, and says being able to help Abby was “definitely a blessing.”

Source: Inside Edition

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