GOOD NEWS: Kids Save Up To Surprise Dad With Dream Car

Coby Oregon knew his dad’s dream car was a blue/green 1966 vintage Ford Mustang and it took a little searching, but he finally found one. He and his brother decided to get the car and surprise their dad in a special way.

They saved up and spent two years pulling off the ultimate surprise for their father. The brothers staged the car with a for sale sign on the side of the road and drove past it, making sure their dad noticed it. The even got someone to pretend to be the owner, just to build up the surprise.

The brothers convinced their dad to stop and take a look and tried to get him to take it for a test drive. When he tried to say no, they gave him the keys and told him it was his. After a few minutes of shock, the proud papa finally drove off in the Mustang of his dreams, all thanks to his thoughtful sons.

Source: USA Today

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