GOOD NEWS: Lotto Winner Thanks Woman Who Let Him Skip Ahead In Line

A man in the U.K. was a big lottery winner because someone let him get in line ahead of them. Aaron Walshaw recently stopped in a store to use a free lottery ticket he’d won previously and he was in a rush because it was only minutes before the deadline.

Walshaw and another customer got to the counter at the same time and when she saw he was in a hurry, she let him check out before her. He found out the next day that he’d won the big prize, over $1.3-million. And he believes if the other shopper had gone ahead of him that he would’ve missed the chance to get his winning ticket.

Now Walshaw and his fiancee, Ceri Hall, are planning their “dream wedding” and he’s so grateful for the kind gesture from the stranger. He says, “We would love to meet her again and say thank you for changing our lives.

Source: BBC

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