GOOD NEWS: Man Saves Grandma, Girlfriend, And Dog From House Fire

William Morejon’s girlfriend thought someone was breaking into their house because she heard windows breaking, so she called him for help. He drove over as fast as he could to the home in Hialeah, Florida, but no one was trying to break in, it was on fire and that’s why the glass was breaking.

Morejon’s 85-year-old grandmother was inside trying to get out but she was trapped behind a steel burglar grate at the front door. He went inside and got her out, then he had two more lives to save. He got his girlfriend and their dog out safely, too, but don’t go calling him a hero.

“I don’t feel like a hero at all,” Morejon says. “I feel like the kind of person that did what they should have done.”

Source: CBS

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