GOOD NEWS: Couple Turns Trash Into Prosthetic Limbs For People In Need

They don’t have expertise in ocean pollution or making prosthetic limbs, but Laura and Chris Moriarity started the Million Waves Project, a nonprofit that recycles ocean plastic into 3D-printed prosthetic limbs for kids in need. Chris was inspired by the idea back in April and within two weeks, he and his wife got the project going.

The couple collects ocean plastic themselves, cuts it up by hand and feeds it into a paper shredder, then to a 3D-printer. They use an app to connect with people who need prosthetics so they can custom create the limb to their measurements. And because their materials are cheap, each prosthetic only costs around $45, which the Moriarity’s fund through donations, sponsors, and selling keychains on the Million Waves Project’s website.

“The Million Waves Project brings together two unacceptable global situations and offers a practical and sustainable solution,” the nonprofit’s website explains.

Source: Good News Network

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