Bizarre Kid's Names Last Year

  • Nameberry just came out with some of the craziest baby names parents named their children last year
  • Parents were inspired by brands, like Tesla and Maybelline, as well as sports, with 12 girls an six boys being named Espn
  • Others were inspired by spirituality, with names like Halo and Amen, as well as nature, royalty and notorious folks through history

These days a lot of people like to give their babies unique names...and we get it, what parent wants their kid to be one of three with the same name in a classroom? Still, some parents are going a bit extreme in their efforts to be original.

According to the website, Nameberry, lots of folks have been naming their babies after brands, with 130 girls and 11 boys getting the moniker Tesla, 20 girls named Maybelline, and 24 girls actually getting the name Fanta. Sports fanatics also went a little crazy, with 12 girls and six boys being named Espn. No seriously. 

  • One big category of unique names has to do with spirituality, with 149 girls and 25 boys named Halo, 75 boys and 55 girls named Amen, and six boys named Yogi, while power and royalty were also a big inspiration, with names like Empress (106 girls), Heiress (53 girls), General (11 boys) and Duchess (nine girls, with 11 spelled Dutchess) also popular, with five boys actually getting named Sirprince.
  • And it doesn’t stop there. Parents have also found inspiration in nature, with names like Koi (26 boys, 25 girls), Lemmon (25 girls) and Alp (36 boys), as well as attitude, as in Envy (28 girls), Riot (46 boys, 14 girls) and Havoc (17 boys). Some have even named kids after notorious folks in history like Cleopatra (29 girls), Jezebel (27 girls) and Stalin(seven boys).

Source: Huffington Post

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