Good News: Officer shaves homeless man's beard

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A woman in Tallahassee, Florida caught a police officer going above and beyond the call of duty to help a citizen get back on his feet. She was sitting in her car and saw Officer Carlson with the Tallahassee Police Department shaving a man’s beard in a gas station parking lot. When he was finished, the man left and the officer went inside, so the curious woman went inside the store to ask about the interaction.

The unnamed woman offered to buy Carlson a drink and asked why he shaved the man. He told her he was next door at McDonald’s when he overheard a staff member telling the man he couldn’t start working at the restaurant until he shaved his beard. So the kind-hearted officer bought clippers and offered to shave him right there. Afterwards, the man went back to Mickey D’s to land the job.

She was so impressed with Officer Carlson’s kindness, she sent a video of the touching scene to the police department, which they shared on Facebook. “I am so proud to live in a community where our deputies and officers are such wonderful people,” the woman says. “Good job Tallahassee Police Department.”

Source: Good News Network

#MustSee #MorePureAwesomeness We thought the picture was awesome, well here’s THE VIDEO of Officer Carlson helping one of our citizens. #TPD #Tallahassee THE STORY AS TOLD BY THE CITIZEN SUBMITTING THE INFORMATION: “My daughter just sent me this picture and called to tell me the story, I had to share....she went to the gas station and saw this officer shaving a homeless man's beard. A minute later the officer went into the store and Hannah walked in after him and saw him cleaning himself up because he was hot and sweaty. She offered to buy him a drink and got talking. Apparently the officer was at McDonald's next door and this gentleman went in looking for a job. He was told they wouldn't hire him unless he shaved his beard. So the officer went and got some clippers and shaved the man's beard so he could go back and get a job! I am so proud to live in a community where our deputies and officers are such wonderful people. Good job Tallahassee Police Department!!! ❤”

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department on Sunday, July 22, 2018


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